Personal Information

Vamsidhar Rao Joginapally


Education & Training

  • Medical Education: :
    MBA from USA
  • Experience :
    20+ years


Mr. Vamshi is graduated from Osmania University and completed his masters in MBA from USA. After returning to India, he has plunged himself full time into growing the family businesses of Hospitality and Development of Educational Services through the family backed JB Group of Educational Institutions comprising of

  • Bhaskara Medical college & General Hospital
  • JB Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • JB Pharmacy College
  • JB College of Architecture
  • BR Engineering College

Mr. Vamshi involved himself full time into the growth of these Institutions and in laying down systems and processes that will guide the growth and promote the objectives in a more organized noninterfering manner. JB group of Educational Institutions today deal with the responsibility of educating and molding career aspirations of more than 12000 students. Having attained the objectives of ensuring the growth of these Institutions with experienced professionals, he has since been driven by his passion of diversified interests with greater focus on Hospitality and Pharma Industry.