Who We Are

Started by a small group of passionate biopharma veterans, driven by a purpose to solve the decades old problem of inaccessible insulins across the globe. For us, it is personal, challenged the status quo and make all efforts to make the inaccessible, accessible.

Our Approach

We employ a totality approach in our accelerated development of insulin biosimilars, and this is our cornerstone and fundamental principle to achieve our mission. We are focused on our core strengths such as development, scale-up, technology transfer and manufacturing, while trusting our partners for their commercialization capabilities and the simplification of supply chain for diabetes patients.

Our Pipeline

GeneSys is committed to making high quality, safe and affordable insulin biosimilars. We have built multiple insulins focused for patients, globally.


Our strength lies in an amalgamation of exceptional scientific capabilities, proficiency in clonal development, in-depth knowledge on characterization analytics, bio-process technology, quality and global regulatory knowledge.